Palace Concert in Salzburg

Location:Marble Hall at Mirabell Palace in Salzburg

Marble Hall Classics

MOZART: Quartett D-Dur KV 80 “Lodi Quartett“
MOZART: Salzburg Divertimento D Major KV 136
MOZART: Quartett for flute, violin, viola and violoncello D Major KV 285
QUANTZ: Concerto for Flute and Strings A-Major
W.HERSCHEL: Symphony for strings c minor No.8

Mirabell Antiqua Salzburg

Cecilia Aguilar, Flute

Mirabell Antiqua Salzburg is an ensemble composed of members from the Iberian Peninsula and Americans. In the same way, one part is specialized in historical interpretation with historical instruments while others in the classical style with modern instruments. This fact gives them the ability to create a very rich interpretive variety, uniting its two aspects and adapting both worlds as occurred in Mozart's hereditary period in which each country and style were intertwined to create a homogeneous, unique and global form.

Ticket Categories

Category I

Numbered seats, central seating.
Seats can be chosen with the next step.

Category II

Unnumbered seats behind and on the side of Cat. I, open seating.


The baroque Marble Hall of Mirabell Palace is known as one of the most beautiful and historically important concert halls in Salzburg and the world. In former times the Mozart family played music there for the archbishops.