Salzburg - city of small distances
The Mirabell Palace is within walking distance from most places. 

By foot: Distances are short in Salzburg and you can reach Mirabell Palace within a few minutes from anywhere in old town.

By bus: Use bus lines 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 22 and 25 to "Mirabellplatz", more or less right in front of Mirabell Palace. You can buy bus tickets at vending machines (at bus stops), at "Tabaktrafik" (= small shops selling newspapers and cigarettes) or at the bus driver (at slightly higher costs).

By train: If arriving by train, get out at main station ("Hauptbahnhof") and take a short walk to Mirabell Palace or take the bus (3 bus stops). If arriving from Bavaria/Germany, use the low priced "Bayern-Ticket" sold by Deutsche Bahn or the "Guten Tag Ticket" sold by Bayerische Oberlandbahn. With these tickets individuals or groups up to five people can travel from Bavaria to Salzburg. 

By cab/Taxi: We recommend taxi service by calling the telephone number 0043 662 8111.

By car: There is a parking lot located opposite Mirabell Palace: "Mirabell-Congress-Garage", adress: Faberstrasse 6-8.

Adress of the venue: 

Mirabell Palace, Marble Hall
Mirabellplatz 4, 5020 Salzburg, Austria 


Need more information? Give us a call: 0043 662 828695


Prices 2019

Category I (numbered seats in the front): € 40,-

Children Cat. I (under 14 years): € 15,-

Students Cat. I (under 26 years): € 26,-


Category II (unnumbered seats behind Cat. I, open seating): € 34,- 

Children Cat. II (under 14 years): € 15,-

Students Cat. II (under 26 years): € 20,-