Palace Concert in Salzburg

Location:Marble Hall at Mirabell Palace in Salzburg

Amarte Piano Quartet & Friends

Emese Badi, Piano

The Amarte Ensemble is a chamber music ensemble based in Salzburg.
The changing line-up of the Ensemble Amarte creates a great musical variety.
We mainly perform works of Viennese classical music and bring the masterpieces of this classical Viennese tradition to life with our unique ensemble arrangements.
Our ensemble showcases the diverse messages and expressions of composers from different eras while preserving the ensemble format as an important form of musical expression to this day.
We are proud to be part of Salzburg's vibrant music scene, which is known for its innovation and fresh ideas

Ticket Categories

Category I

Numbered seats, central seating.
Seats can be chosen with the next step.

Category II

Unnumbered seats behind and on the side of Cat. I, open seating.


The baroque Marble Hall of Mirabell Palace is known as one of the most beautiful and historically important concert halls in Salzburg and the world. In former times the Mozart family played music there for the archbishops.