Palace Concert in Salzburg

Location:Marble Hall at Mirabell Palace in Salzburg


MOZART: Quartet for piano, violin, viola and violoncello g minor KV 478
MAHLER: Pianoquartett a-minor
SCHUMANN: Pianoquartet Eflat-Major op.47

Ensemble Concreartus

The Ensemble ConcreARTus is an chamber music ensemble with Salzburg based members (Emeline
Pierre Larsen, Violin; Emese Wilhelmy / Minka Popovic, piano/ Hana Hobiger, Viola/ Florian Sattler,
The idea of forming ConcreARTus was to celebrate the master-pieces of classical music literature
written for this - very special -setting and to present it to a wider audience.
The message and expression varied through personalities of composers and contrasting eras, but the
structure of an ensemble stayed an important form of expression – even nowadays.
The blend between piano and strings creates new sound levels which to this date seem not to have
been conquered completely.
We are very happy to be part of glorious Salzburg music-scene, which always surprises with
innovative and fresh ideas. Most of all, it is exiting to be a musical-slave for ignorant self-pleased local
“bosses”, which shows us how one of the oldest crafts barely evolved from the basic hierarchy.

Ticket Categories

Category I

Numbered seats, central seating.
Seats can be chosen with the next step.

Category II

Unnumbered seats behind and on the side of Cat. I, open seating.


The baroque Marble Hall of Mirabell Palace is known as one of the most beautiful and historically important concert halls in Salzburg and the world. In former times the Mozart family played music there for the archbishops.