Palace Concert in Salzburg

Location:Marble Hall at Mirabell Palace in Salzburg


MOZART: Clarinet Quintet KV 581
MOZART: Requiem KV 626 (for string quartet)

Ensemble 1756

Ensemble 1756 was founded in Salzburg in 2006. Stunningly, the “Mozart City” was missing an ensemble that would put its primary focus on the original interpretation of Mozart’s works on historical instruments. Playing on original instruments, the intensive work with stylistics and rhetoric of the 18th Century such as a balanced combination of instruments oriented towards historic rules- that is the way how the ensemble makes a special and authentic sound. As an auditor once noticed: “All you are missing is the original Mozart-air.” The “Orchestra 1756” created regular concert series in Salzburg and Vienna. The ongoing rehearsals and concerts at the Viennese St. Charles church especially lead to an exceptional consonance and harmony.

Konstantin Hiller on “his” Ensemble 1756:

“Our playing is characterized by always giving a 100 percent. For that, we need unity and compactness- we try to re-focus on every new composition, every concert, every venue and every atmosphere. What we did in concert ‘a’ may already sound completely different in concert ‘b’. “

Ticket Categories

Category I

Numbered seats, central seating.
Seats will be assigned after booking.

Category II

Unnumbered seats behind and on the side of Cat. I, open seating.


The baroque Marble Hall of Mirabell Palace is known as one of the most beautiful and historically important concert halls in Salzburg and the world. In former times the Mozart family played music there for the archbishops.